About us


Delifrance Singapore Wholesale Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Delifrance SA – along with the miller Grands Moulins de Paris – and part of the French cooperative Group VIVESCIA, the leading French grain cooperative group. It has been developing bakery solutions for over 20 years in Singapore; manufacturing, importing and distributing western frozen bakery products to all major food service segments in B2B and also online in B2C with frozen consumer retail packs in viennoiserie, bread, pastry, savoury for all to enjoy with home delivery. 

Delifrance Singapore Wholesale Pte Ltd is a completely separate business entity than the Delifrance retail café outlets. The retail outlets are operated by a franchisee in Singapore;  the Delifrance outlets in Singapore are halal certified by MUIS.

For Delifrance Singapore Wholesale Pte Ltd, depending of the product origin & manufacturing site, some of our products in bulk cartons or retail packs are halal certified because the manufacturing site is halal certified and recognized by MUIS. Other products are not halal certified because the manufacturing site is not halal certified despite having no pork, no lard, no alcohol in the product ingredient.  For more detailed information on each product (halal or non-halal), please see the respective product description, packaging or contact us.

Our story starts in France in the 1980s, when we created the first ever quick-frozen part-baked baguette. Since then, Délifrance has never stopped developing bakery, pastry, viennoiserie and savoury products for foodservice, providers, retailers and bakers.



We produce products inspired by French know-how. Using our heritage, artisan techniques, baking tradition and our exacting standards of taste and quality, we help our customers around the world attract, satisfy and delight their consumers at each moment of the day.


Our people are the heart and soul of our brand. Our close working relationships with our partners at every level ensures that everyone is committed to our cause of living everyday delicious. We are also a subsidiary of NutriXo - along with the miller Grands Moulins de Paris - and part of the French cooperative group VIVESCIA, the leading French grain cooperative group. We make the most of this uniqueness and work closely together in order to deliver the best products.



We have developed a unique international network of sales offices. We are present in 100 countries around the world. Thanks to our understanding of the markets, we can adapt recipes and services to local traditions, eating habits and sales channels.


Our manifesto

At Délifrance, we believe that every day doesn’t have to taste like everyday.
Each day is a reason to enjoy every bite of it.

That’s why we put all our know-how and heart into crafting delicious
bakery products that re-awaken your senses and renew your delight
for the everyday.

What makes our secret recipe like no other?

The care of each and every one of our people; we call it our human chain.
From our farmers, to our millers, our bakers, our employees, up to our
customers, we are collectively committed to seeking new and pioneering
ways to improve ourselves while cultivating the highest respect for our
heritage and willingness to hand it over. This not only includes the quality of our products, but respect for every single person and the nature we source from.

Because when you bake better each day, you live better every day.

Délifrance. Live Everyday Delicious