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In France, with the arrival of January comes a national obsession with the “Galette des rois” (Almond King's Pie). But the pleasure brought by a ”Galette des rois” is not merely due to its delicious taste. It is also the anticipation of wondering whether you will be the lucky one to discover “la fève”, a tiny charm buried inside one of the slices.

Where does it comes from?

The French have been serving up Galette des Rois since the 14th century. Traditionally, it is served on January 6th to celebrate the Epiphany, a religious day commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings to the manger where Jesus was born. Today, it is eaten throughout the month of January and is simply a festive way to celebrate the new year with family and friends, regardless of religious background.

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Galette des Rois 600g

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